" Thank you so much for your help! We successfully found a nursing home in cleveland for my father and are very pleased with the results. I have passed your site on to others."

Jill P.
Solon, Ohio

What a great idea. We have been searching for a nursing home for weeks now, your help is greatly appreciated.

D. Richardson
Akron, Ohio

Thank you for your help!

Cleveland, Ohio

You certainly helped guide us in the right direction, your book was spot on.

Ellen C.
Streetsboro, OH

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Cleveland.com Nursing Home Ratings

3 Stars

OurParents.com Cleveland Nursing Home Ratings

5 Stars

Medicare.gov Nursing Home Ratings

5 Stars

CteHealth.com Cleveland Nursing Home Ratings

3 Stars

HealthGrades.com Cleveland Nursing Home Ratings

4 Stars

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Looking for the best Nursing Homes in Cleveland? The Best Skilled Nursing facilities are Available!

You’ve come to the right place. Know what services a good Nursing Home should be providing to its residents and what you should be looking for to find the best Cleveland Nursing Home.

Dear Friends,

Do you know how many seniors are living in Cleveland?

Founded in 1796, near the mouth of Cuyahoga River, Cleveland is the second largest city (in terms of population) in Ohio. Cleveland is a multicultural city and its people belong to different ethnicities including White, African American, Indian, Asian, Hispanic and Latino. As of the 2000 Census, there were 59979 people aged 65 and older living in the Cleveland area, approximately 12.5% of the total population.

With such a large percentage of seniors; No one can deny the importance of Nursing Homes and Nursing Centers in this city, or really any city for that matter. A large number of nursing centers and care homes are providing skilled nursing and assisted living through public and private facilities in your area.

We Find The Best Cleveland Nursing Homes & Skilled Nursing Centers

Cleveland has excellent nursing facilities & nursing homes. Cleveland nursing homes have a good repute in providing Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Long-Term Care or end of life care and other related nursing services for the senior adults. Let us help you find the right choice.

What to look for in Cleveland Nursing Homes?

  1. ITS ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS! Once you have narrowed your list down to a few different facilities (whether based on location or other exterior factor) use the links I have supplied you on the left hand side to check out the ratings. Foremost, these statistics do not lie.

    Check Ratings for Criteria Important to You and Your Family:
    • Thefts
    • Cleanliness
    • Hospitality
    • Overall Ratings

    Once you have found some facilities that meet your criteria, the next step is checking the score on Medicare.gov - The government visits nursing homes randomly throughout the year and will partake in a several day inspection of the facility. They rate everything from food quality and staff behavior to building code and fire escape access.

    Finally Medicare breaks down this information into a 5 Star Ratings System 1 being the worst quality of standards, and 5 being of the utmost quality and integrity. A 5 Star Medicare Rated Facility should be heavily weighted as a favorite on your list.

  2. In Cleveland Nursing Centers, nursing staff should be specialized in providing a number of different health care and nursing facility related tasks. These may include changings, bathing, & treatments among others.

  3. Nursing homes should be well equipped to handle various health & emergency situations including stroke, trauma, injuries etc. Proper facilities contact private or public emergency services immediately.

  4. In the Cleveland area there are regular nursing facilities to help and assist people suffering from diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses, you must specify with your Cleveland Nursing Home provider to ensure your specific illness is accepted in their facility.

  5. Make sure the staff is friendly. Simply walking into a Nursing Home and speaking to a few staff members should give you a good feel for how they might treat your loved ones. Many nursing homes use staffing agencies, these are usually a large downfall. We recommend Private Nursing Homes that specifically hire staff on a personal basis rather than utilizing such agencies.

  6. Cleanliness. On your first visit make a serious point of checking the cleanliness of your surroundings. Smell is a large factor - If the facility smells bad, move on. Infection and bacteria spread rapidly in Nursing Facilities and should be a serious concern for your elderly loved ones.

Cleveland Nursing Homes
by Sean Grant

My book is no longer available :(

Cleveland Nursing Homes guide is no longer available on the shelf however I do have E-versions available by request. We decided it was probably time, as all of the content from my book is now on my site!

My advice is free of charge, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.